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Our objective is to make aware the goodness and existence of xanthones to as many people as possible. Xanthones are now recognized as one of the most, if not the most, powerful antioxidants and can be found in high concentration in the mangosteen fruit. Since mangosteen can be found plentiful in Malaysia why not take the advantage of cheap raw material? Why not turn the unwanted mangosteen skin and pericarp into value added product?

We are committed to share the recent findings of xanthones, which act as antioxidants. We shall select mangosteens of highest quality, blend them with other tropical fruit juices and ensure that the content of the mixed fruit juice retains its richness in xanthones. And everybody can afford the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of xanthones in mangosteen juice.

That all the thrown away mangosteen pericarp ( or skin ) in the country can be converted into value added product, whereby curbing pollution and yet generate income and at the same time improve our well-being.

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Xanthone Enterprise
Xanthone Enterprise


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