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His professional membership includes:

  • Associate of Malaysian Institute of chemistry
  • Associate Environmental Auditor|
  • Member of Environmental Professionals Register of Malaysia
  • Registered EIA Consultant (DOE)

Richard Kee, age 64, obtained his Chemistry degree from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 1971.

His first job was as a Trade Waste Inspector in the Ministry of the Environment, Singapore. Subsequently he started his own commercial water testing laboratory in Malaysia in 1978. He extended his business to designing and commissioning of water & wastewater and sewage treatment plants. Then he went into the air pollution field followed by conducting environmental impact assessment and environmental audit.

In 2000 due to poor health he retired to do some research in Universal Energy and Alternative Medicine in Australia.

The Birth of Xanplus

I am a retired chemist and had been a pollution control consultant for twenty odd years. During the course of my work I was exposed to unhealthy and toxic environment. I began to suffer from various health problems. I had hypertension, diabetes, sinusitis, back ache, nasty chronic cough, triggered finger, frequent headache and lethargy.

I had consulted many doctors. I even had a nose operation to clear my nose block as recommended by an ENT specialist. I tried taking Chinese herbs and other health products available in the market but I just could not find any remedy for my health problems. My nose block was still there and I could not smell for a decade. In 2000 I decided to look for the cure myself.

I believe that there is a cure for every disease and the cure could be very simple and cheap. Yin is always balanced by Yang so problems are always balanced by solutions.

After years of research I believe that I have in fact found a solution to attain good health and possibly cure (or at least suppress) all sorts of diseases. I managed to get rid of my sinusitis and chronic cough. I no longer need to take Apo-atenol, the pill that I took to lower my blood pressure for the past ten years

In fact I do not have to depend on any drugs now. My sugar level is back to normal, my triggered finger is flexible, all body aches are gone, the nasty cough is gone, no more regular headache as before, my energy level has improved tremendously; I have regained my odour sense ( I could not smell for almost a decade ) and surprisingly my skin becomes smoother. It is just unbelievable that health-wise and emotionally I am now a new person. I no longer look depressed and haggard. And all the changes are attributed by xanthones found in the pericarp of mangosteen fruit. I extract the xanthones from the whole fruit of mangosteen and compound them with the inner pulp ( white flesh ) into juice and blend with other tropical fruit juices. The product is named “Xanplus”

This way we can get an exotic palatable manogsteen juice. If mangosteen juice can do so much goodness for me it should be able to improve wellness for others too.
Of all fruits, mangosteen has the most xanthones and found mainly in its hull or peripulp. Xanthones are very powerful anti-oxidants, much more powerful than vitamins C or E.

Since Malaysia produces a lot of mangosteen why don’t we make good use of the mangosteen hull or peripulp instead of letting it rot and become a pollutant ?

In year 2010 joined BNI (Business Networking International) so that members can evaluate the effectiveness of my product. Please refer to section on Testimonials for detail.

I am not a medical doctor and I cannot claim that mangosteen juice can substitute all sorts of drugs, but speaking for myself I managed to throw away all my pills after taking the juice. (As proven in my case this product has replaced my hypertension tablet, diabetes pills, pain killer drug, cough drops, and most importantly stopped my chronic cough ).



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