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Chua Boon Yong / 019-7341550

"My daughter, Jing Tong, is 7 years old. Few years back she suffered from asthma. Her asthma attack could come any moment and when it came we had to rush her to the Specialist Hospital .We lived in anxiety every evening not knowing when her asthma attack would come.

In November 2006 a friend recommended her mangosteen juice and since her first serving of mangosteen juice (Xanplus) she has not suffered a single asthmatic attack, though she does cough every now and then. She takes 20 ml of the mangosteen juice daily.'

Abdul Hamid Baskar / 016-2472947

"In the past I suffered sinus problem, having breathing difficulty especially when sleeping. After taking mangosteen juice my sinus problem has gone and I feel more energetic as well.

At first I felt skeptical about the mangosteen juice being able to cure many illnesses, but now I am fully convinced that mangosteen is indeed a miraculous fruit."

Joanne Chu / 016-2387912

"I am 20 years old. In April 2007 I was diagnosed for Cancer of the Brain. My doctor was not confident of doing an operation on me for the tumor was too big.

Besides medication given by my doctor I took whatever herbs or health products that were recommended to me by caring relatives and friends. But the tumor could not shrink.

In early July 2007 my Aunty Celine sent me 10 bottles of mangosteen juice (Xanplus). After taking the mangosteen juice for two days I vomited a blackish sticky substance. My friend took me to my doctor and told him that I was on mangosteen juice. After reading the literature on mangosteen juice my doctor said I could continue with the juice and I continued with it.

10 days later my doctor said that the tumor had shrunk and he did an operation to have it removed. 3 weeks after the operation I was on a business cum pleasure trip to China .

I am still on the mangosteen juice but in a smaller dosage."

Janice Leong / 019-7773511

"I would like to share my experience on Xanplus mangosteen juice After taking that juice I am able to sleep better. Before that I could not sleep well at night. Friends commented that I appear to have lost weight. My complexion has improved and I have better energy level. I don't feel tired easily now.

I wouldn't have believed that mangosteen juice can do such wonders if I didn't try it. I have been on the juice for almost 6 months now. "

Chandrika Menon

I am Chandrika Menon of Majidee Park , Johor Bahru, age 57, I have been consuming Xanplus mangosteen juice for the past one month and find this product amazing. It has helped me keep my diabetes and blood pressure under control. It has also been great in improving my complexion and I feel much more energetic.

Sarachandran Menon

I am Sarachandran Menon, age 56. My sister introduced the above product to me and I Just gave it a try and I too feel it has done me a good job. I have been suffering from a very bad cough for the past three years. I have been to doctors and their medication only helped for a while. After taking this mangosteen juice I am completely cured and thanks for introducing me this product.


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